Buhrs BB300 couverteersysteem, bj 2010 OK1270

The Buhrs BB300 envelope inserter is a entry-level system, based on a mechanical platform. The Buhrs BB 300 envelope inserter is especially designed as an off-line version and is ideal for mailings with the same content. This system allows you to process all common DIN formats as well as specially-sized mailings. The Buhrs BB300 envelope inserter is a perfect solution for letter shops, mailing houses and printers.
Because of the Buhrs BB300 envelope inserting system it's user-friendliness and short changeover times the BB300 solo can be used for mailings with constantly changing job parameters and small numbers of mailing products.

The configuration of this immediate available Buhrs BB300 envelope inserter is:

Buhrs BB 300, bj. 2010
6 stations basis
4 roterende feeders
vul en sluitsectie

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Buhrs BB600 14K bj2006

6 station couverteersysteem
Buhrs BB600 14K

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